Surabaya city tour program.

Surabaya city tour program to shoping mall, tradisional market and handicraft store is a destination that interests cruise ship passengers who come to Surabaya.

They want to know what kind of mall in Surabaya has a lower price, also want to know the collection of many interesting handicraft shops, also what traditional markets like they see in Thailand? although not many want to real shop, but they already know what kind of destination they find in this travel destination offer.And they were very satisfied with the new experience they had in Surabaya.


Surabaya city tour program to offer heritage sites because Surabaya is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia and is about 700 years old. someĀ old buildings are still being treated and used as offices and some are made as museums.


Thats why a lot of old buildings with European style found mainly in the area around the harbor.To many old european buildings because once the old europeans lived in Surabaya as traders as well as colonial.

They lived in Surabaya for a very long time, so many European style houses were found in this town.


Surabaya city tour program tour around the city natural nuances you can still find it, which is through the mountainous area around the city, which can be reached in 1.5 hours from the city center. The place is in the mountains, but sometimes we make it a tourist destination in Surabaya.In the city there are also open natural tourist destinations, namely mangrove forests, bamboo forests, and the east coast of Surabaya through the river in a small boat to the sea. ThereĀ is also a tourist destination that is actually a place of religion, but because of its unique shape ,. making the place a tourist destination, it is a Buddhist temple located in Surabaya’s coastal park, and the Cheng Ho mosque in the middle of the city.

Surabaya city tour program