Mount Bromo trip

Mount Bromo trip is a tour that anyone can do for the sunrise program, but for children can be given extra jacket services because the temperature is very cold.

This tour can be for all ages because from the hotel there will be local transportation in the form of a jeep to take you to the viewpoint of the sunrise and see Batok and Bromo mountains that look very beautiful when the sun begins to come.

The beautiful mountainous tourist area but many facilities are available to reach the region. With the jeep, and horse rental will facilitate your trip in this area.

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Mount Bromo trip become a favorite tourist destination in Indonesia, which is a tour through the Bromo mountains, starting with watching the sun rise from the top of Mount Penanjakan hill.

Then going to the foot of Gunung Batok, which is next to Mount Bromo is a place for visitors to play their cameras, to make their moments become beautiful photos and to be sent to friends or relatives who are at home. Some of the terrain in this area is overgrown with grass and partly open in the form of sand, and being here is like being in a very strange place.

Mount Bromo trip is a tour to the active volcano, many people combine this trip to the crater of Ijen, which is also one of the volcanoes that are still active before heading to the island of Bali.

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That’s because the distance from Bromo to the Ijen tourist area is only a few hours by car, and heading east, a location that is getting closer to the island of Bali.

Two destinations with the character of a mountain climbing tour then the right place is the next place to relax but still become a tourist destination, with beautiful and calm beaches. Of course the place is called Bali Island.