About Me.


My my name is Hari, our base is in Surabaya and also in Sidoarjo, East Java, around the Juanda airport in Sidoarjo. East Java is currently a tourist destination because of its location close to the island of Bali, and can be reached by land travel, also because of the two active volcanoes that are famous for its beauty and uniqueness. From that condition, transportation is definitely very much needed because of the annual visits that are undergoing development. From our experience as a taxi driver and a private car rental company, we want to be a provider of transportation services with private cars of various types, ranging from the capacity of 3-4 people to transportation by bus. Many of our travel services have given us confidence, including transportation services in the port area of Surabaya, because at certain times there are cruise ship visits from several European countries, Malaysia has made Surabaya as their travel destination program.Our link that you can access using the Google search engine and using the keyword Surabaya Transport Service, you will find our location on the Google map as well.