East Java.

East Java is a province in the eastern part of Java Island, Indonesia and Surabaya as its capital city. This province is the center of Eastern Indonesia, and has a high economic significance, contributing 14.85% to the national Gross Domestic Product. Its inhabitants come from diverse ethnic groups, such as Javanese, Madurese, and Chinese-Indonesians. Most of the people in East Java are Muslim,

If you visit Indonesia, East Java offers a variety of natural attractions ranging from mountains, beaches, caves, to waterfalls. There are also tourist destinations in the form of royal sites, and pre-historic sites. namely the discovery of the remains of the fossil Pithecanthropus Mojokertensis in Kepuhlagen, Wringinom District, Gresik Regency; Pithecanthropus erectus in Trinil, Ngawi; and Homo Wajakensis in Wajak, Tulungagung.

The road to the city which is a tourist destination is very good, so tourism continues to develop in East Java.If you start the journey from Surabaya airport or another city, it is very easy to calculate the time of arrival at the destination.