Surabaya private tour

Surabaya private tour  is a tour service for the purpose of Surabaya city which takes 2 days, on the first day will explore the whole city to visit places of interest, and on the second day for a relaxing program by visiting shopping or mall and culinary tour or traditional market.
Big cities like Surabaya usually have all the tools needed by society. Also the sights of the city for an affordable getaway for the people of the city.Surabaya city so that people can take option  tourism around the city of Surabaya to relax and save costs. 
Surabaya  private tour the optionaly program are any place and Surabaya have any offer destination.The service is pick up at the airport, railway station or hotel and home we to start touring the city.
we offering also Surabaya Heritage Program. There is visit the old town, a visit to the Arab village, the museum and factory cigarete and ready the cafe with oldest concept,and also there are some places that are considered as a cultural heritage building and a place of history in Surabaya which until now is still used as an activity Surabaya residents. The place used as a tourist destination of Surabaya heritage is factory building and museum of :

  • *HM Sampoerna museum and factory.
    * PTPN building in Merak road,
    *Mojopahit hotel building, 
    *Jembatan Merah,
  • *Old port of Kalimas, 
    *Rajawali road building.
    *Tugu Pahlawan.

This is the explanation of the place of the historical tourism attractions.
The building was previously used as an orphanage run by the Dutch, then purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee, founder of Sampoerna, with the intention to use Sampoerna’s first cigarette production site. In this museum complex consists of several buildings. The largest building that used as a museum and made the production of one brand of cigarettes is Dji Sam Soe. There are 2 more buildings right on the right and left side of the main building.The right building is used as a residence of Sampoerna Family. The left is used as a cafe and unique art gallery place. Right on the right side of Auditorium park parked luxury car output of English Rolls Royce which is used by owner before.

Option tourism with Surabaya private tour service  transportation
is the right choice for families who want to travel to travel to this city. Surabaya Natural travel program by visiting Surabaya, Surabaya beach area, famous with mangrove tour. Another service  transportation  is Pick up , drop and shuttle. We serve all purposes your travel needs, both for long trips or drop from or going from home / hotel to the airport.
If you want to travel out of town or abroad, the article should use our services, if you take into account the economic and the security of your car.
Other considerations also because many people will be traveling, and the taxi is not the right solution for this.