Need Transportation To and From Your Cruise at Port ?

Need Transportation To and From Your Cruise Port ?

We offers service between the cruise terminals and:

  • Port to city
  • Port to city tour
  • Port to nature destination

Planning your trip  by private car after your cruise? Did you know that Surabaya private car offers transportation from cruise ports .In many of our servicing cities, there are cruise port hubs, which is where cruise ships drop off/take off from. If you are planning your next cruise vacation,   we can get you to and from the Surabaya port.

Surabaya city is the second city in Indonesia, some interesting places will be offered to be your destination in this city, although 6-7 hours we will drive with you.

Need Transportation To and From Your Cruise Port ? You will find it easily by calling the telephone number or e-mail that we have provided and can further discuss before you decide on your desired destination. Some  destinations we often recommend are trips to old buildings in Surabaya, the Dutch era buildings. Surabaya, which is more than 700 years old, is certainly a lot of old buildings that were built at that time and we can still visit today. We also offer mountain natural tourist destinations that we can reach within 1.5 hours by using a private car.  we can get a waterfall by taking 15 -20 minutes of relaxed walks and relaxing places to enjoy coffee with the atmosphere of a small forest around the place.Besides that we also take you to a small temple from the kingdom of Mojopahit (14th century) which is still around the area, around which we still find beautiful rice fields.

Need Transportation To and From Your Cruise Port ? with a reasonable price of course and you can compare with transportation service providers offered from international cruise ships that have joint with transportation services like us.