Probolinggo port Cruise passenger transport service.

Probolinggo port Cruise passenger transport service is a transportation service for cruise ship passengers who visit the city of Probolinggo. Indonesia has many interesting sights for world tourists. Some tourist companies by means of cruise ships, they make a cruise ship tour program destinations of the Indonesian archipelago. Since 5 years ago some cruise ships that already have destination program of Indonesia are Rotterdam, Volendam, Sea Born, and some others. Because the purpose of the tour in Indonesia is considered attractive and and some of them there is no similarity in other places so that it becomes an attractive program for tourists, so it is not surprising that passengers ship with Indonesian program to passengers thousands of people. Although the port facilities in the town of Probolinggo are very small and difficult for large ships anchored, but the city is a tourist destination to visit the volcano is still active with its natural scenery is very captivating the visitors.

Probolinggo port Cruise passenger transport service bring you and your group by using the car rental that we provide and drive for 1,5 hours you will arrive the tourist destination of Mount Bromo. Bromo is not just seeing an active volcano, but there are many that we can visit that is a very interesting sight if we see from the view point on a hill around the mountain bromo. If you are interested in riding horses, around the sea of sand will many people offer horse renting services with a horse owner guide.

There are some interesting destinations besides bromo mountain tour, namely city tour visiting old buildings and to the traditional market in this city. With trips offered this will be able to reduce boredom and add insight about the city in Indonesia where your cruise ship anchored.


Probolingo crusise transport to Bromo Savannah

Problinggo cruise transport to Bromo savannah is transportation offer by private car or mini bus with passenger capacity from 2 people up to more than 10 people according to the request of transport service user.